a little bit about us

Before we can tell you about us, we should tell you about this special space we're settling in to.  You'll hear us refer to our location as the "Parker House" because we're so fond of the history in this home.  Long before Corolla was "on the map", the Parker family planted their roots in the heart of the Village and made this house their home.  Built in the early 1900s and relocated (via log rollers) to this spot in 1920, a mixture of shells and sand were turned in to concrete and from that, a foundation was set.  Additions were made once the house was in its place and Mr. Parker eventually sold the home to a family in the Village.  The new owners' daughter inherited the house and married Mr. Parker's son, bringing the home right back to the original family.  Helen and her husband moved down the road and used this home as a vacation cottage until she passed away in the mid-1980s.  The Twiddy family restored this landmark and in 1999 a beautiful shop, Lighthouse Garden, brought the home back to life.  After Lighthouse Garden moved out, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund moved in, and when the CWHF outgrew the Parker House, the concept of this co-op blossomed and we eagerly jumped on the opportunity to use this home as a gallery.

Now, about us!  Corolla Village Market is an artist co-op founded by five local women who wanted to give Outer Banks creatives and makers a showcase in Corolla.  We are very fortunate to have the support of the community as we develop Corolla's first co-op.  You'll find over 30 local creatives at Corolla Village Market and we're growing by the week!  Our co-op style allows each artist to work at the shop at least one day a month - so the next time you stop in, you may meet the artist who painted that beautiful canvas you've had your eye on.  

come on in


Look for us to reopen in early April